Project Listing

Housing Estates

Buhrein Estate, Cape Town | IP CCTV Surveillance System

ITS Technologies was contracted by the developer to design, supply and install a CCTV surveillance system for Buhrein Estate. Budgetary constraints meant the ITS design team had to produce a financially viable solution without compromising on effectiveness. The solution supplied was a mixture of 100 fixed analogue day/night high speed Dome cameras, deployed along the perimeters and throughout the internal road infrastructure of the estate. Analogue signals were converted to IP via IP decoders installed inside several CCTV field kiosks located throughout the estate, supported by a high speed fibre network with full redundancy and enough capacity to accommodate future extensions of the system. A central control room was established for the control and monitoring of all cameras on a 24 hour basis and the patrol vehicle fitted with a CCTV monitor allowing live transferral of alarmed CCTV images to the vehicle while on patrol. The live feed is supported by an additional wireless network. To further enhance the effectiveness of the system, IR lighting was installed along the entire perimeter to improve CCTV transmissions at night. All the security cameras were programmed for 24 hour continuous recording as well as motion detection alarm recording.



Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town | IP CCTV, Fire Detection and Public Address Systems

ITS Technologies was contracted to supply and install an IP CCTV surveillance system, as well as addressable fire detection and public address systems for the hospital. Subsequently, a 200 camera Bosch IP CCTV system was installed with a central control for 24 hour recording and monitoring. Decentralised CCTV switch-rooms were created for the deployment of various network switches, connecting the cameras via a high speed fibre network to the central control room. An addressable EST and Ziton fire detection system was also installed along with a TOA public address and evacuation system. Among the challenges that ITS faced on this project was installing the system during the normal operational hours of a busy public hospital. The project was completed on time and to the highest of standards.


Government Commercial Buildings

Police Forensic Building | Integrated Security System

ITS Technologies was contracted to supply and install a highly integrated security system for a newly-built police forensic laboratory and the office building of the Department of Public Works. The system consisted of 800 IP Bosch CCTV cameras, 700 Sagem biometric access readers linked to an Impro system, a Ziton addressable fire detection system and an Ansul 200 bar Inergen suppression system. A Bosch public address and evacuation system, Inergen gas suppression system, IP intercom system, Paradox addressable intrusion alarm system, electrified fence and perimeter microwave system was also installed. ITS deployed a 10 gigabyte high speed fibre backbone for all integrated systems, allowing connectivity to the central control room via decentralised network switches. All subsystems have been interfaced to a common security management software and event management system, which allows the monitoring of events and alarms and recording of all the systems simultaneously.


High Security Complexes

Father Simangaliso Security Youth Care Centre | Integrated Security System

ITS Technologies was contracted to supply and install an integrated security system for a newly-built high security youth care centre in Soshanguve, Gauteng. This system is comprised of a dedicated security fibre network with decentralised network switches. An integrated security management system was installed, which integrates all other security and safety subsystems, such as the Impro access control system with biometric access control readers, Bosch IP CCTV system, Ziton addressable fire detection system, IP intercom system and a door monitoring alarm system. The installation had to conform to the strict security standards and specification for high security facilities in South Africa. The project was completed in record time and to the highest standards.


Shopping Centres and Marina Facilities

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town | Total CCTV System Upgrade

The V&A Waterfront embarked on a project to replace and upgrade their analogue CCTV system with the latest IP surveillance technology on the market. After a lengthy, deliberate and systematic selection process, both the technology and the successful integrator was selected and ITS Technologies proceeded with the upgrade and replacement of the entire CCTV system at the beginning of 2012. A total of 1000 IP cameras are earmarked to be installed with a complete dedicated CCTV surveillance fibre backbone and a fully equipped control room. The project has been divided into phases and ITS Technologies has already successfully completed Phase 1. A complete high-end storage system was selected for management, monitoring and recording. Axis and Milestone video surveillance management software and technology was selected for the project.


National Keypoint Facilities

Simon’s Town Naval Base and Armament Depot | Access Control, CCTV Surveillance, Fire Detection, Public Address and Evacuation Systems

The Department of Public Works Cape Town has awarded a project to ITS Technologies to supply and install access control, CCTV surveillance, fire detection and public address and evacuation systems at the Simonstown Naval Base and Armament Depot. These systems were successfully installed and commissioned and consist of highly sensitive smoke detection systems in various high risk areas, biometric access control and booth control for high security entry and exit points, IP CCTV system and a central monitoring system. The very early fire detection system was linked via RF links to the central monitoring station and an existing fibre backbone facilitated the connection of the IP cameras to the central control centre.